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Door Open Days

Doors open days

Geting to know the orchestra – means getting to love it!

Our calendar year consists of 365 Doors Open Days. We have opened our doors to a thousand school children of all ages. Get to know the world of our orchestra, our musicians; witness how famous conductors prepare the orchestra; hear what precedes a philharmonic concert; learn something about the 150-year-tradition of the orchestra written in the walls of our greatest concert hall. Come and see for yourself that Getting to know the orchestra – means getting to love it!

Doors Open Days has become a creative and advantageous concept by means of which – according to many – big and dark and obscure institutions have initiated communication with their public by opening to them not only the doors into their premises, but also into their world of operations, which the wider public viewed with great interest.

The size, significance, history and stateliness of the Lisinski Concert Hall seem cut into the very marble of its walls, telling us the story of an orchestra – the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra.  This is the story we want to tell you. That's why we have opened our doors to you, to enter the orchestra's world--to sit on the stage, meet the members of the orchestra, listen to the sound of particular instruments--seeing where and how the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra creates all the concerts it treats us with at the end of each working week.

Orchestral activity is for many a somewhat far-off and strange concept. This project is our way of bringing the orchestra closer to the public. Getting to know it, means loving it – commented the Zagreb Philharmonic managing director Mr Mirko Boch.

Join us!

We have opened our doors for all of you who want to take a peek at our orchestra!

Contact us through our social media or via our e-mail martina., and register youself, your class, or your friend group and we'll get back to you!