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Hedgehog’s Home

Since its creation in 1957, The Hedgehog's Home by Branko Čopić has become the most popular and longest-running picture book in Croatia. It is one of the most beautiful stories in verse for the young and old.

This legendary fable in verse tells a universal message about loving your home as a space of your own freedom and security, and Hedgemond the Hunter becomes a hero who travels through time to remind us all of the values that we tend to forget today.

It is therefore not surprising that The Hedgehog's Home became an absolute classic of children's literature and that many still know it by heart.

It is a story that has marked the childhood of many generations, and the Zagreb Philharmonic, directed by Petra Radin, will bring this story to life for generations to come.

In the thirty-five minutes the children will be presented with a program created by top musical, literary, dramatic and visual artists who are aware of the responsibility assigned to them as the new, young audience inherits a culture that will ennoble the world.