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Orchestra at last!

Once upon a time there was a town called Soundtown, managed by the conductor Mr. Tailcoat. Four large families lived there, in Note Street: the Bow-Strings, the Percussions, the Brasses and the Woodwinds. All the instruments were different, none exactly the same, and yet they lived together. Although they didn't spend a lot of time together, they shared notes, tonalities, rhythm, tempo, they had the same conductor and a simple, harmonious life. However, because the mayor knew the excellence of each instrument, he could not accept mediocrity. He always said that music is  sublime and that it must never be average. Music deserves to be the best, and it demands pushing the boundaries.

But how?

Ladies and gentlemen, embark on an adventure of sound and harmony and discover the beauty of orchestral music and the secrets necessary to achieve the fullness of creativity. Immerse yourself in the love story of Mr. Piano and Mrs. Oboe d'Amore, the rhythm of the city with the Percussions, have fun with the Brasses, find out why the Bow-Strings and the Woodwinds are in a century-old feud and why they were saved by corona, which in this case does not mean illness, but a pause, a break, and perhaps a solution to the problem.

Ladies and gentlemen, Orchestra at last!