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December 2023.
at 10:00
Lisinski Small Hall

Christmas with the Winterdreads

a play for children

Text: Petra Radin
Composer: Dubravko Palanović
Conductor: Dinko Appelt
Director: Petra Radin
Producer: Silvana Bakija Šimić
Movement and choreography: Tihana Strmečki
Costume design: Sara Lovrić Caparin
Light design: Saša Mondekar
Prop design: Dunja Nemčić
Animations: Leonardo Losciale
Performed by: Jan Kerekeš, Hana Hegedušić, Dražen Bratulić, Tia Mikić/Lora Simikić

A fairy tale about saving Christmas, abandoning alienation and returning to old values. This is a story about a change of heart, and about small gestures that change the world.

This is a story about Winter and Dread, characters who despise those excessive decorations, lights, sausages and other Christmas treats. This is also a story about a father and a daughter who, since they were left alone, do not know how to have a family life, and during the Christmas time of togetherness it becomes particularly difficult.

Little girl Maria writes a letter to a friend and wishes for Christmas to be like it used to be when mom was around. The letter ends up with Dread, the letter thief, and tthe plot begins. Winter collects the postage stamps and uses them to make a work of art - a wall of unfulfilled wishes. After reading her letters, Winter and Dread remember their childhood and become nostalgic. They decide to help her and embark on an adventure to save Christmas.

In our story, Christmas is in our heart, in human relationships, and the little things that are important links in life. Christmas is about love and kindness, peace and joy.